How you profit

To put it in a nutshell:

Working with us you have found an effective and efficient way to ideally place your products in trade, using this channel to increase sales and earnings.

This way, you are able to keep resource risks at a minimum and your budget under control.    


Profit from direct access to a well-established, long-lasting and relevant network.    


Make use of 25 years of experience in this business field.    

customized offer

Use our full range of services or choose from an individual, modular sets of services. Just as it suits you.    

less risk but added value

Sales growth realization without additional resource risks by building up your own structures. Use synergies to become more efficient and reduce costs at the same time.    

budget under control

Be able to plan ahead with a fixed budget limit without additional costs.    


You do not invest in a black box. From the start, we report regularly, keeping you involved in all our steps.    

your success is our mission

Our performance based commercial model grants realization and mutual interest in success.