Our experience does not make us idle, but 25 years in international sales provide a solid and valuable basis for our work. 


Having successfully placed numerous assortments in our main markets, we have contributed significantly to the increase of sales and earnings of many businesses.    


In addition to our long experience, we offer access to a wide network, which includes relevant contacts within European central purchasing headquarters as well as decision makers and influencers on-site. 

rolling up our sleeves

We may wear suits, but we are also passionate about working with you on site and eager to lend a hand on the front line. 

striving for realization

There are many who offer consulting, but we take it a large step further.

Instead of a final report, full of good advice and a long list of recommendations, we prefer to realize what we talk about. Not only because this is our commercial concept, but also because we are passionate about selling products successfully.