There's more than one way to skin a cat ...*

…which is why we do not work with standard recipes. We find the best customized way to promote your product and help you reach your goals. Basic analysis provides the solid basis for a first contact. After the successful roll-out we work on the further positive and lasting development of sales and earnings.

* optional and more cat friendly version: "Many roads lead to Rome."



e.g. volume & development, competition, distribution channels.



e.g. USP, Pricing, USP, standards (EAN, packaging, ...).



e.g. strategy, structure of sales & marketing organization, sales support, logistics.


Having identified your  individual key clients we contact the right decision maker.


We accompany you from a first non-binding inquiry for quick feedback to concrete negotiations.    


Operational implementation support according to your needs for professional listing and realization at the POS.


Individual planning and implementation of activities during the introductory phase for the rapid generation of sales.    


We are not satisfied with a successful introduction, but we keep working together with you to develop sales and earnings continuously.


Analyzing your assortment critically (e.g. slow movers vs. fast movers) and considering market feedback, we provide concrete and detailed approaches for activities. Assortment optimization, increase in space turnover or pinpointed sales promotions are just some of the activities we are striving for.